Our consulting services are a way of disseminating the experience and know-how about software development we gained during our professional lives. By consulting we share our know-how and help customers in choosing the most appropriate software architectures, most suitable design patterns and technologies. We also help customers who would like to change the technology they are using.  more >


We develop applications for companies of various sizes; from enterprises to start-ups. We have vast experience in building scalable and reliable applications that are adaptable to changing business needs. Our apps scale with little limitations when deployed on cloud platforms and can be integrated with traditional back ends. We also have experience in developing web and mobile apps that run on the Google App Engine.  more >



We help customers develop and deploy applications on cloud platforms. Our platform of choice is Google App Engine, where most of the applications developed by us run.  more >


Are you considering using Open Source products, such as Elasticsearch, Apache Hadoop or Git™ in your environment? We can help you with the integration and support.  more >


We have significant experience with video streaming over the Internet — from content and metadata management to video transcoding and integration with CDNs.  more >


Our consulting services are focused on two specific areas of expertise:


Organizations are sometimes stuck with aging technologies, other times they are using out-of-support technology, have a skillset shortage, are forced to find new technologies that would enable them to innovate, reduce cost, standardize or ensure compliance.

Our consulting services can help them

  • determine the transformation imperative;
  • design the technology refresh strategy;
  • develop a roadmap for the technology refresh program;
  • deploy the solution;
  • measure the results and make technology management proactive.


If you created a software architecture and would like to validate it with and independent expert, Digiverse is the right partner to talk to. With years of experience in the field we have created a process of evaluating software architectures that helps customers improve requirements, define priorities, improve architectural decisions, better manage risks and improve the communication among team members and stakeholders.

If you are in the process of creating a software architecture we can help you manage and guide the process to achieve optimal results.

Our passion to constantly improve the way we design and develop software has made our lives simpler. We can help our customers to improve their software designs and development processes better with the help of our consultancy services.


We develop enterprise and mobile applications for different deployments. The wide range of technologies we support goes from traditional platforms (C, C++) to modern Open Source platforms (such as Enterprise Java or Python)

Our applications run on traditional dedicated infrastructure and also cloud environments such as Google App Engine or Amazon Web Services.

We develop applications for various types of web and mobile end user devices (iOS, Android, Windows) and are keen users of Open Source solutions like Apache Cordova or frameworks like AngularJS.

We balance our innovativeness with structured processes and planned approach to achieve planned goals for quality, time and costs.


Digiverse offers consultative and software development services to customers that are looking to extend and integrate their existing infrastructure with a cloud platform. If you are looking for a mobile application for a large number of users, if you need an extremely scalable web application we can help you design and develop the application on Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services.

We offer practical advice based on our past experience that helps our customers create working ecosystems of on premise and cloud based applications with special focus on security and scalability.

Our services help customers maximize their investments in cloud platforms.


If you are using or planning to use Open Source solutions like Elasticsearch, Apache Hadoop or GIT™ in your enterprise environment and are looking for consulting, integration and support services Digiverse is the right partner for you.*

We have experience in designing and deploying such solutions in practice. Using the experience we have gained by implementing, using and integrating Open Source software, we can help customers that have Open Source as their strategy to succeed.

We are more than happy to get to know others who believe in the Open Source strategy.

*Elasticsearch is a trademark of Elasticsearch BV, registered in the U.S. and in other countries.

Apache, Apache Hadoop and Hadoop are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation.

Git is a trademark of the Software FreedomConservancy.


Digiverse has significant experience and knowhow in content streaming (video, audio) technologies, providers and solutions that we are willing to share with our customers.

If you would like to improve your content management processes and solutions, if you have issues organizing and integrating metadata from different sources or your need specialized development in the area of video transcoding; we can help you with advice and implementation services.