Application development

We develop applications for companies of various sizes; from enterprises to start-ups. We have vast experience in building scalable and reliable applications that are adaptable to changing business needs. Our apps scale with little limitations when deployed on cloud platforms and can be integrated with traditional back ends. We also have experience in developing web and mobile apps that run on the Google App Engine.

We develop enterprise and mobile applications for different deployments. The wide range of technologies we support goes from traditional platforms (C, C++) to modern Open Source platforms (such as Enterprise Java or Python)

Our applications run on traditional dedicated infrastructure and also cloud environments such as Google App Engine or Amazon Web Services.

We develop applications for various types of web and mobile end user devices (iOS, Android, Windows) and are keen users of Open Source solutions like Apache Cordova or frameworks like AngularJS.

We balance our innovativeness with structured processes and planned approach to achieve planned goals for quality, time and costs.